Instamove Terms & Conditions


By accepting our quote and agreeing to take on our services either verbally, by written communication or via the Instamove website, you (the client) formally accept our terms and conditions of trade. It is our understanding that you will have read the terms and conditions thoroughly prior to engaging our services.

1. Payment Terms

For local & country moves we take full payment upon completion of the job. For interstate moves, we take full payment upon completion of the ‘loading’ component of the move.

We take payment via bank transfer or credit card, visa, amex or mastercard accepted – a 1.9% transaction fee applies for any card payments including credit card and debit card payments. An eft transfer via online banking does not incur any surcharge.

EFT Payments will require photographic proof of the funds transfer on the day (e.g. with a photograph or screen shot from your mobile banking). The customer remains liable until funds are received and cleared by Instamove.

No cash payments accepted, a receipt of payment will automatically be emailed immediately after the transaction is completed. Where Instamove has a credit card on file it is authorised to charge the card for the service in order to expedite the payment process.

Where a booking is made three or less days prior to the service delivery, Instamove reserves the right to take payment in full up front.

2. Working Time

Please note our chargeable working time begins the minute the crew arrives at the pick up location and ends once the last item is unloaded, all vehicles are packed up and payment is processed.

3. Estimated Time & Estimated Cost (Price Range)

Unless specifically labeled a ‘fixed price’ in our quote, this service is provided on an HOURLY RATE basis, and is NOT A FIXED PRICE quote. All times provided to you either verbally, via the website or other platforms are an ESTIMATE only, and based on the information you provide us. The total ‘working time’ and price range is variable and dependent on many factors including, how prepared the client is on the day, access, parking, stairs, how well items have been packed into boxes, job complexity and other factors outside of our control.

We will ensure that our crew work to the best of their ability and at an efficient pace whilst also ensuring that all items are adequately taken care of. If the job is completed outside of the estimated time or price range on the quote, the client is expected to pay for the job in full and for the entirety of the time worked.

4. Two Hour Minimum & Half Hour Billing Increments

All jobs incur a minimum of 2 hours ‘working time’. Time worked is rounded up to the nearest 30 minute increment e.g. 2 hrs, 2.5 hrs, 3hrs etc.

5. Back to Base Time

Unless otherwise specified, all jobs incur a Back to Base time and this is detailed in your quote. Back to Base time is added to the total ‘working time’ and is 30 minutes by default. Jobs where the pickup and dropoff addresses are further than 30 minutes drive time apart will typically incur a higher Back to Base time. Again, this is shown in your quote. Here are some examples:

Clayton, VIC - Berwick, VIC (30 min back to base time)
Box Hill, VICl - Gisborne, VIC (60 min back to base time)

We use google maps to determine the optimal route.

6. Cancellations up to 2 Hours Prior

You may cancel your job up to 2 hours prior to the agreed start time and receive a full refund. If you cancel after this time or fail to attend the move you will be charged for 2.5 hours of time at the rate provided on your quote, being the minimum 2 hours plus 30 minutes back to base time.

7. $30 Booking Fee (Local & Country Moves)

A $30 booking fee is paid in order to secure all local and country moves. If changes are made to the date or time of the move, the booking fee is not forfeited and we will move the slot accordingly. If you cancel your move and provide at least 2hrs notice, your booking fee will be refunded in full.

Please note that the $30 booking fee gives you priority booking and by making the payment you are guaranteed that you will be moved on your specified move date and time slot. The booking fee payment IS NOT DEDUCTED from the total invoice.

8. 10% Deposit (Interstate Moves)

For interstate moves, we require a 10% deposit paid up front with the balance paid on the day of the ‘uplift’ once the truck is fully loaded.

9. Additional Resources Outside Original Job Scope (Extra Staff or Trucks)

In the event that the job is outside of the original job scope (estimate), and you require additional resources such as another truck or extra labourers to complete the job in full, additional charges will apply. The client will be made aware of the rates for the additional resources and they can choose whether they wish to proceed and make use of additional resources, continue with the currently allocated resources (likely to extend timeframes) or prioritise specific items to be moved.

If no additional resources are provided or required, the client is only expected to pay as per the original job scope.

10. Third Party Removalists

Instamove books, dispatches and manages removal jobs on behalf of a network of third party removalists all of whom are independent businesses, each with their own ABN. Instamove requires all third party removalists in our network to provide a valid Certificate of Currency showing they hold Public Liability insurance with a minimum value of $5,000,000.00 when joining the Instamove network and annually upon the anniversary of the policy.

11. Arrival Windows

For local and country moves our standard arrival times are between 7:30 - 830am (morning) or between 12:00 - 2:30pm (afternoon). We can provide set arrival times upon request, typically to coincide with property settlements or set lift bookings.

For interstate moves, your arrival time & date for ‘uplift’ and ‘unloading’ may vary due to a range of factors including completion of other jobs, heavy vehicle driving restrictions, weight checks, detours, poor weather or roadworks. If you need items picked up & dropped off at set dates & times, please notify our office prior & the team will do everything in their power to work within the time frames.

12. Parking

You need to ensure that adequate legal parking space is provided to park our vehicles. If it is expected that we park in a no standing zone or area with restrictions, any parking fines or fees will be forwarded to the client and added to the total cost of the job.

13. Packing Materials

Instamove will provide shrink wrap, mattress protectors, tie downs and pads when moving clients under our Premium or Elite plans. Instamove will supply boxes and packing paper, referred to as packing materials only for jobs where Instamove is engaged to provide both a pack and move service. Details of packing materials supplied are included in quotes for packing services.

14. Estimated Volume of Items (m3)

Instamove provides a number of ways to estimate the size of your move:

  1. Quick quote calculator - a basic estimate of size based on room count and furnishing level
  2. Inventory - a more detailed estimate based on listing the items and quantity of boxes to be moved
  3. Exact Volume - where you know the size of your move in cubic metres. Generally only applicable if you’ve moved recently (e.g. out of storage) or have industry expertise
  4. Over the phone estimate - our staff make an estimate based on the verbal description of goods to be moved
  5. Photo / Video review - you supply photo or video footage of all items to be moved and our staff provide an estimate based on this. This is typically the most accurate way to estimate a move. However, we understand that often it’s only appropriate a few days prior when items are packed and unwanted items are disposed of.

Each method provides approximate sizing and the estimate provided should be used as a guide only.

Many clients change the expected size of their load during the packing process (e.g. due to downsizing). We encourage you to use our estimation tools to the best of your knowledge and we welcome updated estimates as your booking approaches.

In all instances, size estimates are not definitive and in the event that the volume of items on the day exceeds what was originally quoted, and additional resources are required, the client will be liable to pay for any additional vehicle/labour should they need to be deployed.

Remember, we encourage all customers to provide photos or videos of their move for review as this is the most accurate estimation method. A “photos” link for these uploads is located at the top of your quote and booking page and in most cases we’ll provide a reminder to supply photos as your move approaches.

15. Furniture Assembly & Disassembly, Washing Machines & TV Brackets

For customers who have purchased our Premium and Elite service levels, we offer Assembly & Disassembly of furniture including Disconnection and Reconnection of washing machines as complimentary services charged only at the job’s standard hourly rate. Please note, we are not licensed plumbers or professional handymen. Should any complications arise with the rendering of the above services, we will not be liable. If we consider an item to be beyond our scope and capabilities eg. re-assembling a complex unit, we reserve the right to refuse to offer the service. Assembly and disassembly is generally limited to basic bedding and furniture, not complex units, that require trained and professional handymen.

We can generally assist with taking TV’s off existing brackets and attaching them to brackets already in place at the destination property. If you require someone to move and then reinstall the bracket itself, you will need to engage a professional handyman.

If in doubt, please send us photographs of the item in question.

16. Use of Toll Roads

If toll roads are utilised during the course of the trip, all associated charges will be payable by the customer at cost. Please note, whilst toll road charges are passed at cost price only, heavy duty vehicles often incur a higher fee to use toll roads. At the time of writing, the charge for a heavy duty vehicle completing a one way trip on Melbourne’s Eastlink & City link is approximately $30.

17. Refusal to Move Items or Carry Out Work

Where an item cannot reasonably be moved without high risk of damage to either the item or your property, we will advise you. You’ll be given the option to move the item at your own risk. Any damage to the item or nearby property will not be covered under the accidental damage coverage included in your move.

If a job site or any component of the job site is deemed unreasonably hazardous for our crew, or is outside the scope of work quoted, we reserve the right to refuse the job and vacate the work site immediately.

18. Special Vouchers & Discount Codes During Peak Times

Only one discount code or voucher can be applied per booking, including multi service bookings.

Vouchers, discount codes & specials do not apply on Sundays & public holidays.

19. Contesting the Final Bill

If for whatever reason, the final bill is contested, Instamove will review and adjust any administrative errors. If there is still contention regarding the total time worked or for any other reason, the client must be aware that the crew are ‘still on the clock’. A job is not considered complete until payment is made in full and Instamove may, at its sole discretion, add any time spent negotiating the bill or making alternate payment arrangements to the time charged for the service. Instamove reserves the right to take payment between 15 and 60 minutes prior to completion of any job.

Where a job is expected to extend beyond 6pm in the evening, Instamove may take payment prior to completion of the job. This payment in advance will be based on a reasonable estimate of the remaining job time. Where the payment taken on the day is insufficient, the remainder will be due and payable on the following business day. Where the payment taken is in excess of the time worked, Instamove will refund the overpayment on the following business day.

Any outstanding issues can then be escalated to our support team who will then assess the situation and come to an amicable resolution based on the circumstances of the job. We have a dedicated support team that can fast track your query and resolve it.

If damages are sustained on the job, please note that full payment is still required, we will then provide you with the options of repair or initiating a claim. We will not initiate an insurance claim or provide reasonable compensation if the payment is not made in full.

Refusal to make payment may result in us having to store some items in our warehouse until full payment is made. Insurance and our ‘no damage guarantee’ will be void if full payment is not made on completion.

20. End of Job Walk through & Sign Off

Upon completion of the move and prior to signing off on the job, we highly recommend that you do a walk-through of the property. Any perceived issues on the job, or damages will be photographed and recorded by the crew and shared with our support staff. All damage must be highlighted prior to signing off.

By signing off on the job, you agree that the work has been completed successfully. Any issues or damages claimed after the crew have left the premises will be void as insurance does not take into account claims made ‘after the fact’ meaning that once we leave the premises, we are not liable for damages incurred.

21. Insurance

Please note the following definitions:

Accidental Damage - damage to goods moved or scratches & dents to walls of any of the properties involved in the move.

Property & Public Liability Damage - serious property damage beyond scratches & dents or the injury or death of persons resulting from the move.

Basic, Premium and Elite - the three service levels offered by Instamove and displayed on our quotes and bookings.

21.1 Accidental Damage & No Damage Guarantee

We provide free accidental damage cover for all work that we perform to a maximum value of $1,000 for customers purchasing our Premium service and $5,000 for customers purchasing our Elite service. No accidental damage cover is offered for customers purchasing our Basic service. Instamove must be informed of damage prior to the team leaving the premises. We suggest a walk through of your property prior to completion to check for damage. We aim to process all claims under this guarantee within seven working days.

For approved claims you will have the option of:

  1. Monetary compensation directly via Instamove (taking into account market value, wear & tear, depreciation).
  2. Repairing the damage to as close as possible to its original condition using reputable repairers.
  3. Replacement if a repair cannot be performed (taking into account market value, wear & tear, depreciation). Please note, in this instance the damaged item will be taken away & replaced.

Please note that the following EXCEPTIONS apply and are not covered under Accidental Damage:

  • TV’s not packed in their original box
  • Boxes and the contents of boxes not packed by an Instamove packer
  • Stone, Granite, composite or similar items
  • Pot plants
  • Furniture that has elements of rotten and decaying wood
  • Items with internal faults or that are inherently fragile
  • Front load washers without transit bolts in place
  • Furniture designed to be flat packed or made of pressed wood such as those commonly sold by Ikea, Fantastic Furniture or similar retailers. We recommend disassembly of such items before moving to reduce risk
  • Any item or furniture that is inherently susceptible to suffer damage or disorder no matter how carefully we move them
  • Any case where the customer refuses our recommendation as to the safest way of moving an item

With all of the above exceptions, we can still move the items at your own risk and will endeavour to minimise risk by taking relevant precautions such as the use of heavy duty blankets or shrink wrap padding to offer maximum protection.

21.2 Property & Public Liability Damage

All claims for Property and Public Liability damage will be referred to the Third Party Removalist who supplied the service. Upon notification of a Property & Public Liability Damage event, Instamove will promptly provide the client with the Third Party Removalist’s ABN, direct contact details and our most recent copy of the Third Party Removalist’s Certificate of Insurance. Instamove will instruct the Third Party Removalist to lodge a claim with their insurer. The client acknowledges that Instamove is not liable for any claim of Property & Public Liability damage.

Claims for Property and Public Liability damage may only be made against the Third Party Removalist if the customer purchased services at the Premium or Elite level (e.g. no claims may be made for services at the Basic level).

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